Ready to create your most meaningful life of more JOY, LOVE and FULFILMENT?


With the powerful alchemy of neuroscientific coaching, energy work, ancient wisdom and quantum concepts



"I experienced a very transformative and wonderful session with Kath. Her intuitive nature helped to guide me through the release of old beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my full potential and bring in new beliefs and empowered states. It was incredibly liberating and healing. Kath is a compassionate, caring and committed facilitator, who holds space so beautifully, enabling me to feel safe and held during the session. I highly recommend Kath to anyone looking to transform and empower themselves to jump into their full potential."

H.L. Practice Manager and therapist


"I experienced Transformational Coaching and Matrix Therapy with Kath and the session was extraordinary. What makes it so unique and special is Kath’s expert guidance
which enabled me to go deeper into clearing the emotions... once the memory is cleared of the negative emotion associated with it, it’s really easy to let go. Holding onto the past memory (which kept surfacing in the present) is no longer happening which means the clearing took hold. Brilliant feeling and I recommend anyone who wants a true cathartic experience to do this. Thank you beautiful Kath for holding such a sacred, non-judgmental space for the healing to occur. With love and light"

Jenny Ottoway CEO and Founder, Foundation of You


"Before I met Kath I was frustrated, lost, and unsure of myself. I arrived here 10 years ago with so many hopes and dreams only to find myself stuck in old habits and mindset I had in South Africa. During Kath's sessions we cleared old patterns, reignited my dreams and passion. I now have more clarity about my life and goals and am more motivated than ever before. Kath kept me accountable with clear goals and structure I can easily follow. Now I take responsibility for my decisions and choices and it feels great. Kath I can't thank you enough. If anyone needs help with their mindset, spiritual reset, or any part of their life. I highly recommend you speak to Kath"

Janet Therapist and Coach

Meet Kath...

Certified Life Coach, Transformational Coach, Usui/Angelic Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Advanced Thetahealer and Instructor, Intuitive Rebirth Practitioner, Pleiadian Lightwork Level 2 , Foundations Quantum Numerologist, Universal Laws, Vedic Meditation and Pranayama Breathwork Initiated. (Archetypal, Masculine and Feminine, Passion and Purpose Coaching)

I've walked the path you're on now..and I want you to know there is a way out! And I'll walk with you...

After two decades in Corporate Management and Marketing while trying unsuccessfully to balance family demands, feeling unfulfilled, battling stress, anxiety, and serious health issues, I knew something had to change. I was disconnected, ignoring my own needs and numbing my emotions, with relationship conflicts causing even more struggle. And things fell apart….

My transformation wasn't quick or easy; it involved years of learning with leaders in their fields, healing, and thousands of dollars. And through this journey, I discovered my sole (and soul!) purpose: to guide others like you. I've synthesised my learnings and combined the most transformative pieces into a holistic approach, blending neuroscience, transformational therapies, energy work, and ancient wisdom - so you get fast and sustainable change.

As a certified coach and healer, I've facilitated dozens of profound transformations using tools like Matrix Therapies, NLP, Reiki, and Thetahealing, among others. You don't have to navigate this path alone; I'm here to make your journey to transformation clearer, faster and more joyful.



Our lives are created by actions resulting from our thoughts and feeling states. For sustainable change I use a truly powerful approach which combines:

  • deep subconscious work to let go of the past ( the lying limitations, BS beliefs and persistent patterns that don't serve), release trapped emotions, master the mind and positively change self-concept
  • energy practices to clear the body of old stagnant and lower vibration energies and ensure resonance with what you want to experience and attract. This can include multi-dimensional and past life healings.

You see I explored many modalities on my journey, including psychotherapy, psychology, counselling and energy work. All of these provided insights and understanding as to my patterns from my past - but didn't result in real and ongoing positive change in my life. It wasn’t until I undertook a holistic approach using Transformational Coaching in conjunction with energy work that all the steps fell into place , and I had the path forward to the liberated life I wanted.

Transformational Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey to rediscover your truest self. Understand deeply who you are, what drives you, and uncover your profound 'why'.

Using Matrix Therapies—a globally acclaimed tool—I'll guide you to liberate yourself from the blocks to your joy and fulfilment. Together we’ll blast through past programming, BS beliefs, lying limitations, negative experiences and events, and emotional trauma and triggers.

We’ll rewire your path to unlock your full potential and set achievable, action-oriented goals. This journey not only fosters personal growth but enriches every aspect of your life, setting the stage for continuous evolution. Expect intuitive insights, activations and guidance channelled uniquely for you.

Energy Healing

"Energy is everything……”

Today, the scientific and medical worlds are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of energy healing, grounded in quantum concepts.

Timeless spiritual wisdom and modern science converge in a variety of modalities such as Thetahealing, Usui and Angelic Reiki, Pleiadian Lightwork, and Intuitive Rebirth—each offering unique paths to profound healing and liberation.

From the more gentle approach (such as Reiki) to the very activated, embodied and often more shamanic practice of deep energy transmutation, there is a modality that is JUST RIGHT and what you need in each session.

Intuitive Sessions

Experience intuitive sessions that integrate energy healing and deep, insightful coaching.

Expect intuitive insights, activations and guidance channelled uniquely for you.This is a powerful modality for setting intentions, exploring insights, and releasing blockages in a supportive environment.

These sessions and my approach align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, inviting a journey of deep healing and personal evolution.

Restore balance, gain clarity, and empower yourself for growth.


Feeling disconnected and adrift, knowing deep within that your life is not reflecting your true essence or potential, let alone your dreams..

Despite your success, an underlying emptiness and frustration prevails, a longing for a meaningful life brimming with love, joy, purpose and fulfilment.

You've tried and are SO TIRED of trying to find the way, doing all the “things” - the courses, programs, healing sessions... and yet the path remains unclear, obscured by the fog of past experiences and others' expectations. That dream life seems out of reach, and maybe it's just for others…

Meanwhile your soul silently aches for transformation and a life aligned with your authentic self… and health, happiness and harmony in relationships fall away…


Living each day aligned with your deepest values, your actions infused with purpose, your being vibrating with the energy of fulfilled potential, and your spirit soaring joyfully with love.

What if the barriers holding you back were dissolved, not through struggle, but through a compassionate journey of self-discovery and energy work? Envision celebrating and living as your authentic self, free from the past's shadows, and empowered to create the life of JOY, LOVE and FULFILMENT that you deserve.

This isn’t a dream – it is the alchemy of Transformational Coaching - a hugely successful and potent combination of neuroscience, quantum/energy work and ancient wisdom.

So don’t waste another moment of this precious life – take the first step, and together we’ll set you on the most direct, powerful and proven path to Transformation.

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